About AP Metalising

Founded in 1979, we have built our reputation by establishing excellent working relationships based on reliability and trust with both our customers and suppliers. We recognise the constant need for innovation and improvement and this has led to AP Metalising having one of the most comprehensive and modern facilities in our sector in the UK.

At AP Metalising we specialise in using a process known as vacuum metalising or physical vapour deposition (PVD) to provide high quality metallic finishes for a wide range of different applications and industries.

This can be used to produce both functional and decorative coatings for a wide variety of different plastics including but not limited to, ABS, PET, PVC, HIPS, Polycarbonate and Polypropylene. Other substrates can also be coated such as fibre glass, resins, ceramic, glass and metal.

With this process a number of different colours and effects can be achieved, including chrome, gold, brass and satin and antique finishes. For more information about the full range of metallic colours available please contact us.

Vacuum metalising is an excellent alternative to electro plating, particularly where plastics are concerned and offers comparable quality with considerable cost savings. It is also more flexible than electroplating in that most plastics can be coated and also has the advantage that, components can be masked to allow coating of specific areas. With electroplating requiring the use of acid baths using hexavalent chromium and cyanides, it is from an ecological point of view, much more environmentally friendly.

For further information on how this technology works and product examples please refer to the relevant sections of this website.

We are also able to undertake conventional spray paint work and again can achieve many different colour and finishes.