Plasma Cleaning

The use of plasma gives 3 advantages:

  1. Plasma is a simple cleaning process at a molecular level. It works by passing a high voltage between electrodes in the vacuum chamber. The plasma atmosphere created causes an ion bombardment of the component substrate, which produces a rise in its surface energy. This in turn accelerates the degassing of absorbed moisture, solvents and plasticisers in the substrate, aiding the production of a contaminant free surface ready for the aluminium film deposition.
  2. Plasma improves the adhesion between the component substrate and the film to be deposited. It does this by breaking the molecular bonds on the surface of the substrate making it easier for the molecules of aluminium to attach to the component substrate.
  3. Plasma aids the successful lacquering of the component substrate. In order to successfully lacquer a component to lacquer needs to be able to wet the surface of the material. Increasing the surface energy of the substrate improves the ability of the lacquer to wet the surface. By measuring this surface energy the correct amount of plasma can be applied to give optimum results.