The Protector

The protector or “in chamber top coat” is a special water-clear silicone based fluid which is evaporated in the chamber as a final operation after the metalising process.

Using plasma technology, the injected protector is broken down and transformed by the plasma into a solid coating on the surface of the components. This process which is also known as plasma polymerisation, has the advantage of producing waterproof coatings that are unaffected in the temperature range -40 C to 200 C.

Used extensively in the automotive industry for headlamp and rear lamp reflectors, the coating has successfully passed automotive tests for corrosion, adhesion, water immersion and humidity.

It should be noted that the scratch resistance is not to the same standard as more conventional top lacquers and therefore the application is usually restricted to components that require a minimum amount of handling: for example those that are contained within a sealed unit.